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5280 Recycling. Reclaiming the Future.

5280 Recycling is Colorado’s leader in diverting manufacturing and construction and demolition waste material from the landfill through sorting, repurposing, and remanufacturing materials into new products. We create jobs, lessen environmental impact, and grow the local economy.

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End Market Development

Creating circular economy solutions for hard-to-recycle materials.

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Recycling Services

From A to Z, we help you set up successful recycling collection and processing systems.

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Outreach and Education

We create impactful education programs because people are the key to success in recycling.

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A three dimensional brick wth a recycling symbol

End Market Development

Turning hard-to-recycle material into new products.

Using advanced technologies, 5280 Recycling is pioneering innovative manufacturing processes for the economic reuse of hard to recycle construction and demolition materials.  Our current project is recovering post-consumer drywall and using it to manufacture an outdoor landscaping block and construction sheet goods.  Post-consumer drywall currently does not have any viable market for recycling.

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Building demolition
A team of people separate recycled materials
Recycling facility in motion
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Recycling Services

Serving C & D, Industrial Recycling, and Municipal Recycling.

5280 Recycling offers expertise and guidance in the development of waste management plans, material collection, material profiling, data collection, end market development, and grant writing.

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A curbside reycling cart

Outreach and Education

The right message inspires people to act and slowly changes behavior.

We are focused on reaching people where they are with a message that is relevant to them, whether that be digitally, in print or in person. The 5280 Recycling staff have the expertise and experience in crafting outreach programs that are effective in getting a message across and in motivating people to act.  5280 also believes strongly in validating our efforts with data.  Whether that be delivering the number of people we have actual conversations with, quantifying the actions taken or documenting the actual responses and feedback we receive, 5280 believes that we need to be able to measure everything we do to evaluate success.

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Curbside recycling
Curbside recycling program

Who We Ae

Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Future of Recycled Goods.

5280 Recycling is locally owned and operated and is fully integrated into the Colorado and national recycling community and end-market networks for material recovery.  5280 Recycling, along with our sister companies, 5280 Waste Solutions and Starlight Software Solutions, leads the way in collaboration and circular economy solutions to produce products from materials.

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News & Updates

5280 Recycling in the News

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Tune in For Solutions

Laurie Johnson of 5280 Recycling Solutions will be walking us through the process of developing an end market solution for post-consumer drywall.

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Vestas partners with 5280 Recycling Solutions

Vestas has pledged in-kind space and resources to support a 5280 Recycling Solutions Gyptek production plant and to continue to find additional recycling solutions for manufacturing waste material.

C&D World 2021 in Austin image of event banner with Austin capital building

End Market Solutions

Laurie Johnson from 5280 Recycling in Denver will participate on an end-market panel at C&D World 2021 in Austin, Texas.  5280 Recycling has developed a product made from post-consumer drywall, plastic, and other waste material.

Reclaiming the Future.

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